Family First: Let’s Paint!

Location: Reynolda House Museum of American Art

Cost: $15 per person (non-member) | $12 per person (Members)

Join us the first Sunday of the month to explore Reynolda’s art and to make your own! Grab a brush, a bit of canvas, and some acrylic paint and see how you can combine colors and shapes to create a picture. We’ll learn about some American painters and think about the ways they did (or didn’t) represent the world around them through art.

These two-hour workshops begin at 2 p.m. for children in grades 1 through 6 and an adult companion.

We’ll spend time in the Museum exploring a work of art or decorative art and create our own artwork in the Reynolda studio classroom; locations may vary by workshop.

Advance registration is required. Contact Julia Hood,, with any questions.

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Past Date and Time(s):
Nov 5, 2023, 2:00pm — 4:00pm

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