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Reynolda House Museum of American Art
Allison Perkins
Executive Director, Reynolda House; WFU Associate Provost for Reynolda House & Reynolda Gardens
V: 336.758.3096
Allison Slaby
V: 336.758.3133
Bari Helms
Director of Archives & Library
V: 336.758.5139
Beth Warren
Retail Manager
V: 336.758.5005
Bethany Davoll
Manager of Visitor Services and Donor Records
V: 336.758.5029
Brittany Norton
Director of Marketing and Communications
V: 336-758-5524
Caroline Gallagher
Assistant Collections Manager
V: 336.758.5093
Diane Schussel
Grants and Stewardship Manager
V: 336.758.5381
Emily Baker
Manager of Community and Academic Learning
V: 336.758.5457
Freida Lynn Mitchell
Events Manager, Reynolda House and Reynolda Gardens
V: 336-758-5087
Janie Bass
Coordinator of Early Childhood Education for Reynolda House and Gardens
V: 336.758.6271
Javier Ureste
Security Manager
V: 336.758.5143
Julia Hood
Director of Teaching and Learning
V: 336.758.5599
F: 336.758.5650
Karl Erik
Director of Operations
V: 336.758.5343
Katie Wolf
Assistant to the Executive Director
V: 336.758.3096
Katie Womack
Collections Manager
V: 336.758.5114
Kim Hampton
Director of Finance & Operations
V: 336.758.5126
Patricia Strupe
Staff Accountant
V: 336.758.5051
Phil Archer
Betsy Main Babcock Deputy Director
V: 336.758.5033
F: 336.758.5650
Sarah Johnson Blackwell
Director of Advancement
V: 336.758.5889
Shane Carrico
V: 336.758.5503
Shawn Brophy
Director of Security
V: 336.758.5143
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Sherry Hollingsworth
Research Associate & Assistant to the Founding President
V: 336 759-2513
Stephani Eaton
Coordinator of Tours and Volunteers
V: 336.758.5389
Vitali Prokhnitski
Facilities Coordinator
V: 336.758.7509
Wendy Rhodes
Staff Accountant
V: 336.758.5494
Reynolda Gardens
Amy Dixon
Assistant Horticulturist
V: 336.758.5593
Forrest Allred
Head Horticulturist
V: 336.758.3484
Hayden Shuping
Greenhouse Manager
V: 336.758.5593
Joey Martin
Landscape Technician
V: 336.848.5824
Jon Roethling
Director of Reynolda Gardens
V: 336.758.3483
Michelle Hawks
Lead Horticulturist
V: 336.758.5593
Reynolda Village
Jenny Bush
Assistant Director for Wake Forest Properties
V: 336.758.7159
Jodi Tonsic
Director of Marketing for Reynolda Village
V: 336.758.2631
Kenneth Basch
Director for Wake Forest Properties
V: 336.758.5584