UPDATE: Reynolda’s historic greenhouse is currently closed until late Spring 2024 for an extensive restoration project. Please be advised that there is fencing around the entire structure which may have an impact on desired photography backdrops.

Reynolda’s lush greenspace, iconic architecture, and colorful Gardens provide an ideal location for formal and informal outdoor photography. 

Professional and portrait photography indoors at Reynolda is not permitted; however, amateur photography is allowed throughout the Museum (see rule 02 below). No flash or selfie sticks are permitted and some exhibitions may not allow photography, so be sure to check signage or ask a protection officer.

Outdoor, professional photography must be scheduled in advance using the form below. Commercial photography and drone photography require advance written permission.

Please note: During Prom season, Reynolda Gardens is open to students for photos. Should your professional shoot occur during Prom photos, our staff will be on site to assist if needed.

Reynolda is the private property of Wake Forest University and the following policy includes the Formal Gardens, Golf Links Meadow, Lake Katharine Wetland, boathouse, front field, woods, Reynolda Village, and Reynolda House Museum of American Art. 

  • 01. Photo sessions in any part of Reynolda must be scheduled
    This policy applies to all professional and non-professional portrait photographers using any area of the property at any time. Mini sessions are not permitted. A reservation and fee must be made for each client. Professional or media photography is not allowed inside the Museum unless scheduled and approved in advance. Portrait photography is also not allowed inside the Museum.
  • 02. Personal, amateur photography is free
    Only taking photographs of and at Reynolda for personal use is permitted at no fee. Inside the Museum, no flash or selfie sticks are permitted, and some exhibitions may not allow photography, so be sure to check signage or ask a protection officer. Wake Forest University groups may take photographs at no cost, but reservations are required. We encourage you to tag your photos on social media with #Reynolda.
  • 03. Prom photography is free
    It makes us happy to be a part of your special day! Informal prom photography on the day of a student’s prom is free. Portrait prom photography scheduled on other days and/or with a professional photographer must follow rule 04.
  • 04. A fee is required for outdoor portrait and professional photography at Reynolda Gardens 
    • Photography of one person or one approved group is considered portrait photography. Sessions are 90 minutes. Reservation requests must be made. Reservation fees must paid within 24 hours of the reservation or the reservation will be canceled.
    • Staff members and Wake Forest Security check the Gardens and grounds during non-office hours. Staff may ask to verify your name to confirm it is a paid photo session. Payment of sessions acknowledges you have read and agree to abide by our photo policy.
    • Previously scheduled events and weddings take precedence over photography sessions. We will do our best to honor requests made at least 48 hours in advance. 

However, we reserve the right to deny a request or reschedule a reserved time if necessary. Areas are not closed to previously scheduled groups or to the general public during photography sessions.

Schedule your photography session:
Reservation fees must be paid within 24 hours or else the booking will be canceled.

  • 05. Commercial photography
    Photography and video for commercial use—indoors or outdoors—anywhere on Reynolda’s Campus is prohibited without express written consent. Contact Reynolda Marketing & Communications for more information. 
  • 06. Drone & aerial photography
    Use of unmanned aerial vehicles or drones on Reynolda property by certified pilots is allowed only with prior written consent. Amateur drone photography is not permitted. Contact Reynolda Marketing & Communications for more information.
  • 07. General etiquette 
    • Plantings, furnishings, and other landscape features may not be moved. 
    • Conservatory and greenhouses are not available for photo shoots. 
    • Photographers and subjects may not stand in planting beds. 
    • Photographers and subjects must remain on mowed paths in the meadow. 
    • Parking is allowed in designated parking spaces only. Parking outside the front gate is not allowed at any time. 
    • We discourage the use of props. However small chairs, stools or baskets are allowed.