What’s Blooming

A stroll throughout the more than century-old Gardens and grounds at Reynolda is a great way to reconnect with nature. During your visit, you’ll find many botanical delights, stunning scents, and historical reminders.

Make the most of your visit and check out our plant highlights, curated by our staff, to see what’s currently blooming across the Gardens’ heirloom landscape.

Please note, this is not a complete list of everything that is in bloom. Interested in learning about a specific plant that is not listed? Contact us at gardens@reynolda.org or 336.758.5593.

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Inquiring Minds Often Ask

When is the best time to see spring flowers?

The best time to see spring flowers is from late April to mid-May, but this may vary slightly annually.

When will the azaleas bloom?

March and April are when we expect the azaleas to bloom.

When will the cherry trees bloom?

In 2020, we planted forty-four cherry trees, officially reviving the iconic cherry tree allee and creating the largest cherry display in the Carolinas. Between mid-February and early April is when we expect to see the cherry trees bloom.