Researcher Registration Form


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I have read and agree to abide by the rules for using the Reynolda House Museum of American Art Archives and corresponding materials. I am aware that infringement of Reynolda House policies may result in my being excluded from using Museum resources, not limited to the Library and Archives. Please be advised that the publication or reproduction of any materials provided by Reynolda House Museum of American Art is strictly prohibited without the express prior consent of the Museum. I shall acknowledge the use of the Reynolda House Museum of American Art Archives in any publication which may result from my research through correct citation of sources.


The Archives Reading Room is open Tuesday to Thursday, 9:30 to 4:30 pm. Visits to the Archives must be scheduled in advance and supervised by the Archivist or an official representative of Reynolda House. 

All visitors requesting use of archival material must complete and sign this form. In addition, all visitors must register with Security before entering the Archives. 

All non-essential belongings including coats, bags, purses, backpacks, briefcases, computer carrying cases, must be checked with staff. No food or drink is allowed, including to-go containers. The use of pens is not allowed, as they can damage the records. Pencils will be provided upon request. Gloves may also be provided, if deemed necessary due to the nature of the materials. 

Archival material is highly fragile and vulnerable to improper handling. To minimize any damage, original documents must remain on the desk and separate from researcher’s notes. 

Documents must not be marked, rearranged, removed from their folders, or taken out of the Reading Room. Only one box at a time will be delivered; researchers should look through records one folder at a time, maintaining the order in which they were received. Researchers are requested to notify the Archivist if anything appears to be out of order; do not rearrange them yourself. 

All references to materials in the collections should be acknowledged as “Reynolda House Museum of American Art Archives.” 

Making copies: Use of digital cameras and scanners must be approved and monitored by the Archivist. Permission to photocopy will be subject to the physical condition of the records and current U.S. copyright legislation. Photocopies are not to be used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, and research. Ask the Archivist for information on photo duplication. 

Publication: Please complete a “Permission to Publish” form before publication of any material from the Reynolda House Archives. It is the responsibility of the researcher to secure written permission to publish, reprint, or reproduce materials from the Archives. The researcher assumes responsibility for conforming to the laws of libel and copyright. One gratis copy of any publication resulting from extensive research or including documents held at the Archives must be deposited with Reynolda House.