Tuesday Gardening Series Whether you are just discovering your green thumb or you have two green hands, these lunchtime talks hosted by Reynolda Gardens are for all gardening levels. This year, the popular series will be offered both online and in-person at the Gardens Education Wing. Advance registration is required. Reynolda Gardens is always free […]
Before the planning for the Formal Gardens was even completed, which would not be until 1913, construction began on Reynolda’s Greenhouse.
*See credit below post Two centuries separate these portraits of two young women, but seeing them side by side today generates many questions around the idea of the portrait and what it says about changing notions of American girlhood. What does each portrait tells us about the subjects’ world? Their personalities? The expectations each had […]
April 3, 2013 It would seem obvious that a prominent family such as the Reynolds would have various types of art and paintings hanging on their walls, but it is only recently during our current project that we are making connections to which pieces we still have that the family purchased. By conducting provenance research […]