Still Life with Meaningful Objects

hi i'm julia from reynolda here with another pop-up studio to inspire you to be creative and make art at home or school today we have a guest teacher megan who's an intern at reynolda house and she's going to introduce the project to you and show you what you need and how to do it hi i'm megan curtis and today i'm going to be showing you the steps materials for making your own still life of personal meaningful objects if you take a look at the painting bounty by audrey flack on reynolda house website you'll see a bright and colorful photo reel still life filled with objects that are significant and personal to audrey flack we will not be striving for photo reel today but instead we'll be focusing on choosing objects that are meaningful to us i encourage you to find three to five objects that are meaningful to you first i will show you some of mine i have a perfume bottle that was gifted to me by my sister i have a dish that has some turtles on it that i got from a friend and i have headphones because i love listening to music so without further ado let's get started to gather your objects i have a perfume bottle a dish with turtles on it and headphones then you'll need a pencil and eraser if your pencil doesn't have one next you should choose a colorful media some options may be crayons pastels colored pencils and markers today i will be using markers finally you'll need a piece of paper as large or small as you would like to begin you will want to set up your still life with your objects if you have objects that need to be propped up so you can see them better you can grab another object like the white basket i'm using here to better angle my headphones once you set up you can then begin sketching and composing your setup on your paper with a pencil the pencil lines can be erased later on after we start adding our colors sketching i'm going to go in with my markers and start outlining and filling some objects in with the first colors i want to use for each object i'm not going to depict the objects as they look in real life but rather choosing colors that i feel suits each object for the dish i'm going to go with the light blue to play with the idea of water for the turtle detailing on the dish for the perfume i chose magenta color because it happens to be one of my favorite colors then for the headphones i'm choosing orange and red because they're vibrant and bright which is how listening to music makes me feel then i'm going back in to fill in the perfume bottle with pinks that remind me of how the perfume smells and then adding darker blues to the dish adding the turtle details finally i'm adding the foreground and background colors and the basket the headphones are leaning against then for the finishing touches i'm adding some shadows to ground my objects after you complete your finishing touches share your creations on instagram facebook or twitter using the hashtag reynolda at home find more videos helpful downloads and other resources at the learn page at find more pop-up studio videos at

In this Pop-Up Studio, undergraduate intern Meghan offers an idea for making a personalized still-life inspired by Audrey Flack’s 1978 painting Bounty.

These videos offer ideas for the home or the classroom; see the accompanying lesson plan for more information for teachers.

Materials needed

  • 3-5 personal objects for a still life arrangement
  • drawing paper
  • pencil for sketching
  • choice of colorful media, such as: markers, colored pencils, crayons, chalk/oil pastels, acrylic paint

Before you start your project, look carefully at and take inspiration from the hyperrealistic painting Bounty by Audrey Flack.

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